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Finding Your Spiritual Home

Many of us know our path is not the one we're on. Many of us know there is a deity trying to reach out to us, but we're not sure who. Many of us just feel that our spiritual needs aren't currently being met. Many of us want to find a deity to follow, but aren't sure how to find our right one and worry about offending them, even if we do.

This class works in conjunction with the book of the same title to help you find your way to meeting your spiritual needs. We'll discuss how to find out who your deity is, what path works for you, and cover some basic meditation and spiritual guidance. 

The class is 6 weeks is free and can be attended online or via phone call, 1 hour every Sunday from 2pm-3pm ET and 2 hours for questions and answers every Thursday from 8pm-10pm ET.

For 5 weeks after the initial 6, you can join us for further information to help round out what was learned in the first six weeks. Sign up to be notified when the next class starts.

To make the book more accessible, it is available in a right-handed and a left-handed version.

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