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Norse Deities

Gods of Honor, Hospitality, and Honesty.

The Norse deities are divided into two houses, the Vanir and the Aesir.

The Wanderer (aka Odin) is the leader of the Aesir. He has over 200 names, one of which is the God of Wisdom. In one of his stories, we learn about how he gave his eye to the Well of Mymir to gain wisdom.  Through his wisdom he discovered the need for an army .  The Norse Deities are often known as the "Gods of War" because they have an army and train for war. There is so much more to them than just war.

The Norse people live in Northern Europe. (The word Norse has the same root as the word North.) It is incredibly cold there and winter lasts longer than most other places. The conditions of the land impact the beliefs and priorities of the pantheon. When you live somewhere where it's possible to freeze to death in a very short time, it's important to show hospitality to others.

I once asked why they would choose a place so cold that you're holed up in your house for months at a time. After thinking about it, I realized that, that would mean you're inside with your family where you can focus on them and what is important. Family is very important to the Norse Deities. .

Frigg - Queen of Asgard

Frigg, who is often called Frigga, is wife of The Wanderer (aka Odin). She is the goddess of marriage. She helps wives and through them, their children and their husbands. She is a goddess of domestic skills. She learned to weave from the Norns who raised her. She has several Ladies in Waiting who help her and specialize in different skills, including Eir, who focuses on healing.
Frigg knows and does magic when it is the appropriate action, but she believes in doing physical work to maintain skill sets.  She is a warrior, a healer, a gracious hostess, a devoted wife, a weaver, a leader. She does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work when it is necessary. She likes a well ordered house and a devoted wife. She prizes the free will and growth of her followers and encourages them to make their own choices. 

When The Wanderer is away from his hall, she steps in to be hostess and head of the hall.  During the day, she is hostess and oversees her own hall where she spends the day weaving, spinning,  teaching, and engaged in other domestic skills and meeting the needs of the occupants of Asgard and her followers.

Her day is May 26th. She appreciates any gifts from the heart and prefers savory treats to sweet  ones.

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