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Forest Path

Our Workshops

Do you love learning new and helpful things in interesting and creative ways? So do we. Some workshops are more lecture style, but all include at least some sort of hands on activity or group discussion.


The Fates:

Who Controls Your Life?

Who are the Fates, Norns, the 3 sisters who spin and weave our destiny? What do they control in your life? What do you control? Ever feel like your luck is always only bad or only good? What do the Fates do? How do you work with them Do you have freewill or is everything predestined/ Come find out!

Offerings, Effigies, and Sacrifices. Oh my!

Why do people do offerings? How? How do you know what to send? Is there a ritual I have to do? We’ll Talk about all of that. We’ll talk about (and maybe make) effigies. Sometimes people find offerings intimidating. We’ll talk about why they shouldn’t be.  We won’t talk about animal sacrifices together, but we can discuss them privately if there are questions.

women worship
Baking a Pie

Teaching Magic and Spirituality to Kids Overtly and Covertly

Do you ask questions like: How can I teach magic or alternative spirituality to my (insert relationship} child when other adults around have different beliefs? How do I teach my child about spirituality but not tell them what to believe? How do I teach magic to my child? Is my child too young for magic? Magic is Fun! It is all around us. Come find answers to your questions.

Countdown to The Holidays

What holidays do you celebrate? How do you celebrate them? What traditions should you use? How do you build excitement and interest for the holidays? Have you ever wondered about these things? Come get some ideas and learn how to make the holidays you celebrate yours.

Holi Festival

Magic Associations - What's this for?

When you're creating a spell, how do you know what components to use? How do you know what symbol, stone, herb, aroma, or color is the right one? What books do you need? What if you can't afford the right ingredients? It's ok. It's easier than you think. Come find out.

Connecting With Our Ancestors Through The Elements

Would you like a better understanding of your divine self? Would you like a better understanding of the world? Would you like a deeper connection to the world around you? Would you like to find a way to connect with your ancient ancestors every day? The elements can be used as a bridge between the physical and spiritual planes. Come find out how.

Stone Water Fountain
Lefthand Finding Your Spiritual Home (8_edited.jpg

Finding Your Spiritual Path and Sponsor Deities

Do you feel like someone is calling you, but you're not sure who? Do you feel like your spiritual practices don't meet your needs or "feel right?" Many people today are searching for their spiritual home. Would you like to learn how you can identify and meet your sponsor deities? The gods and goddesses are not as scary or intimidating as you may think they are. You are important, loved, and supported. Come find out how to know and tap into that truth.

Living Tarot

We all learn in our own way. There are so many different ways to learn tarot. Come find more than one way to learn the tarot that will work for you.

Tarot Reading
Full Moon

Nightmares Remedies – Dealing With Bad Dreams

Do you or your children have nightmares? Would you like some ideas on how to tame or diminish them? Would you like to know how you can help during the night, in the morning, or at bedtime before sleep? There are many ways. See which options might work best for your family.

Creating Your Altar

What is an altar? What is its purpose? Should you have one? Why or why not? What goes on it? Where should it be? Is it evil? Come find out and discuss it.

Praying Monk

Cleansing & Purifying – Releasing Undesirable Energy

Do you hold onto ideas and energies you don’t need or want? Would you like some simple options to purge or cleanse them from yourself? Come find some great alternatives to sage and find ways to help yourself and others.

Fun, Edible Magic For Anyone

Are you curious about magic but maybe you’re nervous? There’s nothing to worry about. Come discover simple ways to incorporate fun and exert control over some of your experiences through delicious means.  These are simple ideas that anyone can take part in all you need is a desire for something and the ability to eat food.

Making Homemade Pizza

Stones – Gleanings From a Personal Conversation

In an interesting turn of events I was able to speak directly with a stone. Would you like to know the secrets I learned? Come find out about the fears and joys of the life of stones. Find out how they want to be treated and their purpose here. It may sound strange, but it’s still good and fascinating information.

Textile Magic – Simple, Useful Crafting Magic

Come learn a simple textile craft. It takes less than 20 minutes to learn the basics and then you can choose how you want to use it. Textile crafts can be great opportunities to bring intention into focus by way of magic. This simple tool and act can open opportunities in life. Come find out how.

Wool Threads
Skirt in Shadow

A Healthy Take On Shadow Work

There is a lot of emphasis today for those in pagan communities to do their “Shadow work.” What it is and what it should be, how to do it, how dangerous it can be, and why are not usually properly discussed. Come find out the healthy way to do your shadow work. It’s very simple and safe.

Death. Part of Life

What would life be without death? Would there be life at all? Why do we die? What’s the purpose? What happens? How do we deal with the death of loved ones? Can we see them again? Lots of questions revolve around death. Let’s discuss some answers together.

Watering House Plants

Magic with Kids

Would you like to know what activities you can do with children to make paganism and spirituality a part of their everyday activities. Join us as we discuss how to create activities and adventures that resonate with your beliefs and situation. (You’ll want come prepared to take notes.)

Beginning Meditation

Meditation can bring so much good into your life, but there’s a giant obstacle in the way for most people. How do you get past yourself so you can meditate? Let’s discuss some options together.

An old man drawing on a drawing frame
Purple Smoke

Djinn: Children’s Story, Horror Story, Or Somewhere In Between?

Three wishes? All powerful beings? Trickster beings trying to ruin their masters? Dark trapped souls longing for freedom? Who are the djinn really? Are there really lamps waiting to grant treasure to their owner? The truth is much more interesting and not what you think.

Valhalla: The Home of the Honored Dead

Who goes? Who Decides? What do they do there? Is it the choice for me? What happens next? Is it still a thing today or just for the Vikings?

Viking Ship pan-7872326_1280_edited Gordon Johnson

Understanding Magic Beings – Who? What? Why?

(Choose 1-2 of the following: Sphinx & Manticore, Satyr & Faun, Minotaur, Unicorn & Pegasus)

The magic beings of legends are the real? Were they? What’s their purpose? What do they have to do with us? Can we work with them? Should we? Come find out.

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