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Past Events


Creating Your Altar

March 16 2-4pm

High Springs Emporium

What is supposed to be on your altar? What do you do with an altar? Are altars for devil worship? If nature is my deity, do I need an altar? What if my family won't let me have an altar?

Register at High Springs Emporium,High Springs, Florida

Nine Noble Virtues.png

Nine Noble Virtues - Guidance Across Pantheons

April 24-28

FPG Beltane 2024

Have you heard about The Nine Noble Virtues, the Ten Commandments of the neo-pagan world? Did you know that the Nine Noble Virtues can be applied to any path?

Event Registration Required

Crocheting at Home

Textiles & Magic

April 24-28

FPG Beltane 2024

There are several textile crafts that are simple to learn for most people and easily used in conjunction with magic.

Event Registration required

Gardening Together

Connect With Earth and Kids

April 24-28

FPG Beltane 2024

Is a connection to the element of earth important to you? Would you like to learn some kid friendly activities that you can do to deepen your connection with the earth and have fun too?

Event Registration Required

Tarot Reading

High Springs Emporium Psychic Faire

Join the festivities outside at the High Springs Emporium, workshops, vendors, tarot reading and much more.

Free event

High Springs Emporium, High S

Lefthand Finding Your Spiritual Home (8_edited.jpg

Finding Your Sponsor Deities

June 6-9

Summer Magick Fest

We  each come to this life with 6 Sponsor Deities. They are with us from Conception to death. Would you like to learn how to find them?

Event Registration required

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